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[sticky post]Blanket Permissions & Disclaimers
Fair Use is a lawful use of a copyright
Blanket permission to use my fanworks for anything fannish as long as you link back to my fanwork and share your own link with me..."fanwork inspired by" is all LOVE. But please contact me first...I will always say yes, but might ask for you to delay if it involves a work of mine that's still in WIP stage.

My dS and C6D fanworks appear in many LJ and DW comms, and are all archived at AO3 site.

Blanket copyright disclaimer : all recognizable characters in my fanworks are the property of their original creators and copyright holders, and are used under the aegis of the U.S. Fair Use Doctrine and the Canadian Fair Dealings Doctrine with no copyright infringement intended and no money made.

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I'm always delighted to see Blanket Permissions, as a fan of podfics and remixes. Well done!

Heh, I had this in my profile all these years, had never made use of a sticky post until two days ago when I suddenly thought "hmmm, I'll bet more fen would notice this if I make it a sticky". So far (at least as far as I know) only one "inspired by" has come from one of my fanworks (the awesome malnpudl did a podfic of my Getting Buried in Buffalo Jump), and I hope that making my Blanket Permissions more prominent will encourage more "inspired by".

(PS: See you soon at BP! *bounces*)

Hello, new LJ blogger. I went to your LJ and saw you started that blog this year. I also saw that you don't post in one of the languages I know, so of course I didn't leave any comments there and I couldn't find what we might have in common that led you here.

Edited at 2016-08-20 12:56 am (UTC)

Casual interest in the structure of language, but my LJ is really for my fan-life. My primary fandom is due South and Six Degrees of due South (also known as Canadian Six Degrees).

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