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signal boost for Fandom Loves Puerto Rico Charity Auction
due Diligence
Check out all the fen offering their fannish talents to raise money for Puerto Rico after the destruction done by Hurricane Maria: Fandom Loves Puerto Rico Charity Auction on Dreamwidth. The auction is now open and will close on October 23rd.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day! And dSC6D Big Bang links!
dS C6D Big Bang
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day!

And since the due South Canadian Six Degrees Big Bang go-live day is always on Canadian Thanksgiving Day, here's a link to the dSC6D BB 2017 collection and here's a link that goes directly to the fic in the collection co-written by verushka70 and myself and here's a link to the complementary fanart for it done by comatosebadger.

(Do check the tags on the fic before starting to read it: it may contain some of your kinks or it may contain some of your squicks or triggers.)

new dS fic & it's my first zombie!fic
dS Firelit
Title: Overboard
Fandom: due South
Rating: Teen And Up
Category: Gen
Word Count: 203
Characters: Ray Kowalski, Benton Fraser, mention of Ray Vecchio
Tags: Alternate Universe - Zombies
Summary: In a zombie-infested world, both sleeping and waking share elements of bad dreams.

Fic here on AO3.

Pacificon AKA Bitchin' Party
Fraser Yays
Yays! I can haz Bitchin' Party again! (TYK to the new con comm!)

I just now registered. Anybody going from my flist? LMK!

Happy 10th Anniversary, OTW!
Fraser OTW
Celebrating OTW's 10th Anniversary

signal-boost for Team RevelCon Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
due Diligence
Click here for fandom-based fundraiser to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Pandora and the Red Cross helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey
Benton needed just as badly to save some
I wouldn't ordinarily use my LJ to promote a commercial business, but I'm making an exception...and I do have a "self-created" fannish connection to Pandora.

For about half-a-dozen years I've been assembling a due South charm bracelet made up entirely of Pandora charms. Until midnight Eastern United States Time tonight Pandora will be donating 50% of all their online sales to Red Cross funds for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. I'm going to buy more charms now for my due South bracelet. If you ever wanted to buy any Pandora brand jewelry, now's the time to do it for yourself where it will also benefit those in immediate need of help after the hurricane.

This link will take you to the Pandora site.

boosting the signal to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey
due Diligence
Please see this first-person account from Texan sageness about Hurricane Harvey, which contains many links to ways you can help those affected by the hurricane.

Here's what's happening and ways to help.

Charities to which I myself donated tonight to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey: Food Bank of Corpus Christi, Gulf Coast Humane Society, Galveston County Food Bank, Houston Food Bank, Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies, Coalition for the Homeless of Houston.

Shaw/Root (Shoot) Poem: Person of Interest Fandom
Root/Shaw OTP
My first time writing in this fandom. This poem was inspired by, written at, and performed at my first TGIF/F con in 2017 and so I gift it to jarrow because he was one of two who made TGIF/F known to me, and I gift it to anoel for being the other of the two.

Title: If You Were a Shape

Rating: General Audiences

Category: F/F

Fandom: Person of Interest

Relationship: Samantha "Root" Groves/Sameen Shaw

Character: Samantha "Root" Groves

Genre: tanka poetry

Fic at AO3.

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