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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

[sticky post]Blanket Permissions & Disclaimers
Fair Use is a lawful use of a copyright
Blanket permission to use my fanworks for anything fannish as long as you link back to my fanwork and share your own link with me..."fanwork inspired by" is all LOVE. But please contact me first...I will always say yes, but might ask for you to delay if it involves a work of mine that's still in WIP stage.

My dS and C6D fanworks appear in many LJ and DW comms, and are all archived at AO3 site.

Blanket copyright disclaimer : all recognizable characters in my fanworks are the property of their original creators and copyright holders, and are used under the aegis of the U.S. Fair Use Doctrine and the Canadian Fair Dealings Doctrine with no copyright infringement intended and no money made.

Blood Ties, yes! Who recced this to me?
Fangirl for Canada - Mountie
Someone in my DW Circle or my LJ Flist recced the Canadian TV show Blood Ties to me. Now I've watched it and I want to comment to them...and I thought I saved their rec to "memories" but I didn't. If that reccer reads this, please LMK. (Also, anyone who wants to comment to me about this show, feel free to do so.)

Happy Eleventh of March, due South fen!
Frobisher and Fraser

FREE One-Day Membership for RevelCon!
PGA icon
I'm going to RevelCon in Houston for all three days (March 22-24), but here's a freebie for one-day attendance. In celebration of RevelCon's 30th anniversary, Sunday attendance will be FREE. To register for paid days or for the free Sunday go to the RevelCon registration page.

dS snippet inspired by a dS vid
CotW Faces
Title: Forty-Five Years from Now
Fandom: due South
Relationship: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Summary: Ray Kowalski had been a liar in his personal life and a professional liar as an undercover cop, but he's not a liar when it's about love.
Length: 262 words

Written for these two communities: dsc6dsnippets and older_not_dead.

Snippet and vid on AO3.

"Pornetry" (Porny Poetry) written for the 2018 Multi-Fandom Porn Advent Calendar
My fandom licks things
Title: Awakened by the Snow
Fandom: due South
Rating: Explicit
Relationship: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Tags: PWP, Poetry, Rimming
Summary: Fraser isn't the only one with less-common licking behaviors.

This poem on AO3.

The entire 2018 Multi-Fandom Porn Advent Calendar Collection on AO3.

More Joy Day (late post is late)
PGA icon
What I did for More Joy Day:

I'm a librarian in Acquisitions and Collection Management at a public library. A few days before More Joy Day we received Dessa's book My Own Devices: True Stories from the Road on Music, Science, and Senseless Love...and that very same day...oh synchronicity...a member of my DW Circle remarked that she is really into Dessa. So, for More Joy Day I sent that fangirl two copies of Dessa's book, telling her to keep one and pass one on as a More Joy Day thing to another fan.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge 2019
Fraser facepalm
I haven't posted a thing yet for this year's Fandom Snowflake Challenge and it ends in three days. *sigh* But Fandom Snowflake Challenge, I do <3 you!

dSVirtualBar Flower Crown Day! Make floral-themed dSC6D fanworks for Sunday, January 13!
FK made of win
Make floral-themed dSC6D fanworks and post to the collection on AO3 between now and this Sunday, January 13th! Details at the dSVirtualBar comm in DW.

And if you would like to pair this with some dSC6D prompts, check out dsc6dsnippets on DW where all the prompts are available all the time! (If you do use prompts from there to make snippets, be sure to post a link back at the dsc6dsnippets comm.)

For Christmas Eve: Paul Gross singing his "Santa Drives a Pick-Up"
Christmas Ray slash Fraser