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[sticky post]Blanket Permissions & Disclaimers
Fair Use is a lawful use of a copyright
Blanket permission to use my fanworks for anything fannish as long as you link back to my fanwork and share your own link with me..."fanwork inspired by" is all LOVE. But please contact me first...I will always say yes, but might ask for you to delay if it involves a work of mine that's still in WIP stage.

My dS and C6D fanworks appear in many LJ and DW comms, and are all archived at AO3 site.

Blanket copyright disclaimer : all recognizable characters in my fanworks are the property of their original creators and copyright holders, and are used under the aegis of the U.S. Fair Use Doctrine and the Canadian Fair Dealings Doctrine with no copyright infringement intended and no money made.

Yay VividCon!
vids vids vids
One week 'til VVC! Anybody of my flisties who will be there and wants to make some lunch-or-dinner plans for during the con, comment here.

Summer Prompts for the Older Not Dead comm
Older Not Dead
Prompts are now up for the summer Older_Not_Dead - Love for the Over 40s comm promptathon. Fanworks can be posted at any time during the month of August.

new dS snippet
Title: The Five R's: Ray, Ray, Ray, Resuscitate, Rejuvenate
Length: Word Doc says 300 and AO3 says 306
Rating: Teen And Up
Category: M/M
Fandom: due South
Relationship: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Characters: Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski

Summary: On the verge of the first kiss...or maybe the second one.

For the due South 6 Degrees Snippets comm on Dreamwidth which offered the following prompts and I used all of them: "beginning," "depart," "aspire," "rejuvenate," and "How 'bout another first kiss?"

Fic on AO3.

Con*Strict et al
Fraser facepalm
Here I am, about to leave for my fourth fancon of the year, and I haven't blogged any comments about the other three yet. *con reportage fail*

Leaving in three days for the Con*Strict slash con in Nevada (and it's only the love of fandom that could get me to go to a desert in the summer).

Happy Canada Day!
Fangirl for Canada - Mountie
Happy Canada Day! Here's a link to an excellent Canada Day post by one of my favorite Canadian bloggers.

Thank Canada!
Fangirl for Canada - Mountie
Let Canada know how many of us are aghast at Trump's treatment of Canada! If you are on Twitter, use the hashtags #ThankCanada and #ThanksCanada to tweet about Canadian things for which you are grateful.

Net Neutrality wins in the Senate -- keep fighting for Net Neutrality
due Diligence
Net Neutrality wins in the Senate and now we're taking this fight to the House. It's up to all of us to reverse the FCC's ruling. Send a message to your Representative now: Send the Message: Keep Fighting for Net Neutrality.

signal boost: ALA Announces Internet Red Alert for Net Neutrality
due Diligence
The American Library Association announces Internet Red Alert for Net Neutrality. To participate: read this article, contact your Congresspeople, spread this word on your social media platforms: Support Net Neutrality.

Seattle fanfriends! BP fancon! Men with Brooms reference!
Fraser Yays
I'm in Washington State for a fanfriends visit in Seattle, followed by Bitchin' Party in Issaquah (BP starts tonight). Had lunch in Seattle at one of the Tom Douglas restaurants with raine_wynd (who is also going to be my BP roomie). Went on a Pike Place Market Culinary Tour with redheadaholic, then she and I went to dinner together. "Red" and I had just finished the tour and then we looked across the street and saw there a restaurant called "Cutters," and we started squeeing about making a Men with Brooms connection...and of course we had to eat dinner there.


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