ride_4ever (or Ride_Forever: seen it both ways) (ride_4ever) wrote,
ride_4ever (or Ride_Forever: seen it both ways)

What I did for More Joy Day

Happy More Joy Day!

Spreading joy around the world IRL: I sent fannish gift packages to due South fen in several countries around the world.

Spreading joy online: I gave no-strings-attached money (i.e., not for a purchase to benefit myself but for them to use however they wish) to Requiem Publications, that awesome long-time publisher of zines who continues to keep zine publishing alive. (Check out this link if you want to buy existing zines or have them create custom-order zines for you).

Spreading joy at work: I brought fancy snacks for my co-workers: gingerbread-flavored popcorn and figs with bleu cheese.

Spreading joy at home: I planned to have a More Joy Day Eve due South episodes-viewing with drinks and dinner at my home with pole_dancer and half_a_fanboy (but had to reschedule because of snowstorm).
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