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Bast -- who has done so much for fandom -- needs help

Bast -- zine publisher of Requiem Publications and writer of much fic -- is in dire straits. I have donated to her, and if you can help out with any monetary contribution at all please send via PayPal to slythdreams at gmail dot com.

Here, in her own words, is the current situation:

I have no electricity except to run the refrigerator. The “meter pan” between the electric meter and the internal wiring of my house MUST be replaced. It’s old, and it’s not able to carry a modern electric load. This is DANGEROUS and may be a fire risk.

What this means to me and my family is the following. We cannot use lights when it’s dark or grey out. No internet. I’ve been using my phone, but I share data with other people and it’s not fair for me to use it all, and I must be very careful not to go over allowance as they’ll get billed for it. I also cannot do the custom books that are part of my meagre income. We have no television and even the DVD player can’t be used. We cannot run the space heaters we need to keep the upper rooms liveable and pipes from freezing. Doing laundry is a nightmare, as we need power for washer and dryer. I am charging my phone and everyone else’s in the car.

It will cost just under $1000 to get the meter pan replaced by a licensed electrician who works for the power company and can coordinate things. With the $4000 tax bill we’re trying to cover, I simply cannot even imagine how long it would take to get this together, so I am left asking for help.
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