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If you are Canadian, you might be able to help this librarian.

One of my fellow librarians presents a "Dating for 50s and Over" program at various U.S. libraries. She will be taking her program to some Canadian libraries (in the Toronto and London areas) later this month. Before she leaves for Canada, she would like to hear from some Canadians who are 50 or over, single, have recently gone on a date or are currently dating, and are willing to share some comments with her about their dating experiences, particularly the impact of current technologies on dating. This is open to all sexual orientations and all gender and non-gender identities.

This librarian's name is Tina, and you can reach her at this email address: tinaheretohelp at gmail dot com. (Please tell her that "Shaynie sent you".)

I'd also appreciate it if you would leave a comment here if you'll be contacting Tina. I'd like to know if this post is doing any good.

Thank you kindly!
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