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signal-boost for a favorite zine publisher

Requiem Publications is having a zine sale now through September 5th. Here's what they wrote in their announcement:

Zine Fans! It’s time for a zine sale at Requiem!!


We’re going to offer FREE MEDIA RATE shipping in the US. We know the post office is struggling right now, so please allow extra delivery time, but we can help show our support and use the services.

All zines on the Requiem site have postage included, so please DO NOT USE THE BUTTONS. Send us a list of what titles you’d like to requiem.ravenshadow.net, and your COMPLETE address, and we’ll quote you a total. You’ll save approximately $6 per book.

Sale ends September 5th, midnight.

Email your list to: ReqPub@gmail.com

We can arrange layaway, take Paypal or charge cards, check, money order.

Bast & Joyce

Requiem Publications
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