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Slings & Arrows news

Copied from a post by fengirl88 who got it from the ATX Television Festival newsletter (and who notes that screening is at 6 pm CT, and it looks as if the pilot episode will only be available to watch live but the panel discussion will be available afterwards):

Join us on Sunday, October 18th as we revisit one of Canada's most-beloved (and cancelled-too-soon) exports.

We'll start by screening the pilot episode with Writer/Creator/Actor Susan Coyne, Writer/Creator/Producer Bob Martin, and Writer/Creator/Actor Mark McKinney LIVE in the YouTube chat. Normally we don't promote talking during TV, but we'll obviously make an exception!

Following the screening, Susan, Bob, and Mark will be joined by Actors Paul Gross, Martha Burns and Luke Kirby, for a conversation moderated by Emily Nussbaum of The New Yorker. Miss it and we might have to haunt you.

Make sure to tune in on our ATX TV YouTube channel!

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