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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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I would kick myself in the head if I were that flexible
Keep Calm or Kick Someone in the Head
I wonder if a kick in the head would get me back on "writing track". Since returning from my great experience of attending RCW 139 I have been terrible at getting emails answered, getting fic written, even terrible at posting notice of fic I got written right before RCW 139. Thought I'd better get something posted here so my flist knows I'm alive and okay other than having gotten a bit derailed by after-Con RL.

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Same thing happened to me when I came back from Africa... gosh, that would have been four years ago now. We'd been out there helping build schools and dig kitchen gardens etc, and were so buzzy and happy about it we thought we'd never ever 'come down.'

Well, kids bounce back fine, my son settled back okay after about two three days of being grizzly. Me on the other hand... ergh. It's almost worth not having wonderful life changing experiences, if only because the let down when life goes back to normal is so damned discouraging!

Well, BG, I wasn't exactly "out of "Africa" like you...but it took me about three weeks after the Con to start posting fic again. (I did tonight! *yays*)

You could tell us how the con was! :)

(I've never been to one and don't expect I will, but am curious about what goes on at these things...)

Aw, Des, can't we coax you out to a Con some time? (The next one I've got planned is the slashcon in Cambridge, MA -- Muskrat Jamboree in the Spring of 2013.)

RCW 139 was full of yay...cast members, crew members, meeting fen f2f who I'd previously only known online, acquiring dS items in the charity auction, touring episode filming locations, eating a vast array of Kit-Kats, having breakfast at the famous Patrician Grill of episode-filming fame, having a Q & A session with a real Mountie!

Well, given that a year ago I was firmly convinced I'd never write fanfic, to say nothing of some of the kinds that I've ended up writing, I've given up on saying "never" about this sort of thing. :)

Cambridge is my stomping ground...if nothing else, we should arrange to say Hi in person when you're in town. :)

(How are there still DS memorabilia to auction off, 18 years of cons and whatnot later??)

Ooooh! You live in or near Cambridge? We MUST arrange a get-together when I'm there for Muskrat Jamboree (late March 2013). BTW, although this slashcon is multifandom, it was started (as you can tell from the name) by dS and c6d fen, so it's one that's much attended by OUR fandom.

Yes, it's amazing that there is still dS memorabilia to be auctioned off...but cast and crew have conscientiously parceled out donations over the years, rather than having put it all up at the first con or two. Some of the items from "over the years" were cast-party photos donated by Tom (Detective Dewey) and original scripts donated by Ramona (Frannie). There were also c6d items, such as memorabilia from Paul's recent Broadway performance of "Private Lives" and from "Men With Brooms" (I got some of the MWB stuff from the auction). On top of that, fen donated various c6d items, some new and some used (for instance, I myself donated some stuff : unopened DVD's of various c6d movies of which I had multiple copies).

Near Cambridge, yes. Let me know your plans when the date gets closer and we can plan something.

Will do. BTW, I plan to take the Amtrak train from Chicago; I don't see there being a Cambridge station and I see at least 3 Boston stations, so I haven't figured out my arrival point yet.

<3 your new S&L icons!

Nope, no Cambridge Amtrak stations; one arrives in Boston (usually South Station, but don't quote me, I haven't done this myself in a million years) and then takes the subway to Cambridge -- it's only a handful of stops.

The new icons are my gift from Midsummer. I am having fun with them. :)

Hey you! Thanks for my panda. :)

AWW! Thank you for the Bear Santa! ♥

And dSSS will help with the writing thing. Also, keep an eye out for the wrisomifu community, which becomes active in November.

You're welcome for the Bear Santa. And thank YOU for telling me about wrisomifu...I am still learning my way around LJ and DW, and I didn't know about that comm! *scampers off to join before I can procrastinate*

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