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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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gen!fic author rec
dS other fandoms jealous

The talented dS_Tiff, who writes dS gen!fic, commented to me today that "NO ONE reads gen" and that sometimes the thought of that makes her feel like giving up writing fic. If you read gen, please show her some <3 at http://archiveofourown.org/users/dS_Tiff/pseuds/dS_Tiff and if you comment please mention that "ride_4ever sent you". TYK!

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Some of us read gen! (Some of us read F/V and F&V friendship and all sorts of other less-dominant categories, too.)

Although, I don't think I'll be reading any long-fic in the near future (which is what Tiff seems to mostly write), as I need to seriously reduce my internet-vice quotient in favor of making progress on my dissertation... *sigh*

Oh, the intrusions of RL into fandom *grrrr*! Although I'm one of Tiff's most enthusiastic promoters, I myself have not yet read ALL her long!fic.

And how IS progress going with your dissertation?

Fanfic has been at once a great morale booster and morale lowerer for me -- on the one hand, it kickstarted my creative life after it had been languishing a bit, and has given me something to enjoy doing *and* feel like I am accomplishing things. On the other hand, having that role in my life filled by something which is not my dissertation makes it even harder to maintain motivation for working on the dissertation, with which I was already having morale difficulties.

My Big Bang story is...maybe not longer than my dissertation will be, but if my dissertation is many more words/pages than that, at least one of my advisers will start getting grumpy with me. Now, it's only fair to say that BB is as ready for prime time as my dissertation will need to be, and I've done my share of hair-pulling and stalling-out on it as well, but still...if I can write my dissertation in 5 months and enjoy as much of the process as I did for the fic, I'll be astonished.

I'm currently working on the proposal, which for my department means the first 3 chapters, more or less. I am hoping that once I'm done with that and can start the actual analysis and writing about *new* stuff, my enthusiasm will improve.

Fandom kickstarted ME out of MY languishing-not-creating phase, too...so I really hear you on THAT! (And if you need any cheerleading while working on your dissertation, LMK.)

I'm so excited about the BB getting close to going live, and I look forward to reading your BB. I'm Tatau's beta, and I finished doing the beta on her BB around 5:00 - 5:30 this morning after pulling an all-nighter with completing it, then got about 4 hours of sleep, was awakened by my email alarm going off and saw it was the email that I'd just been tagged for the dS_snippets tag game. Oh fandom!

I find that I get a lot more responses on the slash stories I've written than the gen stories, which is a shame, since the gen stories are among my favourites. My all time favourite story that I've written is a gen story, which did, to be fair, get a lot of positive responses, but I'm sure if it had been slashy it would have got some more.

It's a shame, in particular for Tiff, since she's one of the best I've read when it comes to plot. She ranges from angsty to hysterically funny... I love her Stella, her Mort, (in angsty stories) and her unbridled giggle inducing sense of fun in something like Dig It. She always has pure dS moments as well... always well worth reading.

Yes, Tiff and plot-writing...she absolutely RULES that!

Which fic of your own -- that you reference above -- is your all-time fave?

My all time fav is Lair of the White Wolf. (Not just a gen, but gen Vecchio!)

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