March 19th, 2014

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boosting the signal for VividCon auction 2014

Vividcon auction 2014: the line-up!

There are six vidders on board this year, with a diverse set of interests including Anime Music Videos! The auction starts on Saturday March 22, and ends at 11:59pm US eastern time on Saturday March 29.

Alphabetically, they are:



Hallo! I've been making vids and teaching new vidders how to make 'em since 1989. If there is a vid from absolutely ANY 2-to-6-hour-long movie or television source that you have either been wanting to see made someday, or just haven't had the spare time to make yourself, give me a yell. If I cannot obtain the source (doubtful, as I have access to very kind, clever, and eternally helpful scroungers), please be prepared to provide it yourself (.avi preferred). I like to make quirky, character-driven comedic vids, but am open to pretty much anything you may want to see made. I do not fear animated source material.

You providing the song is no problem, either (or we can find an appropriate one together, should you wish). I currently use VirtualDubMod and Adobe Premiere 6.5. My recent vids are all here: Thanks for your time and consideration in helping out Vividcon ~ Deejay



VIDS: here on AO3 (username Franzeska, filtered for video)


Fandoms: Haven, Grimm, Miami Vice, Almost Human, The Musketeers, Sleepy Hollow, Longmire. Any genre of music is fine: rap, metal, country, classical, experimental noise. You name it! You are welcome to have as much input into the vid as you want. I would love it if you have either a prompt in mind already or specific music or both. I will happily vid any combination of characters, shippy or platonic, except: no Nathan/Audrey, Duke/Audrey, or Nick/Monroe unless they're part of an OT3, OT4, etc. No Vic Moretti, Cady, or Ferg-centric prompts. Other than that, go crazy. Serious, goofy, constructed reality, single-episode characters: I'll vid anything.

You can see all of my vids on my AO3 account. Username Franzeska. Filter for 'Video':



VIDS: here on AO3

Available fandoms (in alphabetical order):

TV - Almost Human, Arrow, Charlie Jade, Chicago Fire, Continuum, Grimm, Haven, Luther, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, The Musketeers, Sherlock, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Terra Nova, Total Recall 2070, True Detective, Vikings, White Collar.
Feel free to ask about other shows, too, as I have a huge collection. I’m even willing to vid from something I haven’t seen before, providing it’s 24 or fewer episodes and readily available on Netflix/the Internet.

Movies – almost anything with DVD-quality source available. I’m not a fan of gory horror, though.

Music choice:

I reserve the right to reject individual songs, but I’m pretty much okay with any style of music. I prefer to avoid songs with racist, sexist, and homophobic lyrics, but if the intent of the vid is satire, then I can probably deal.

Things I’m flexible about:

I’m pretty easy. You can tell me scene by scene and cut by cut what you want, you can give me a “story” and a song and tell me to go to town, or anything in between. Most importantly, I think this kind of process should be collaborative.

Things I won’t do:

Racist, sexist, or homophobic (re)interpretations. (See above re: satire. I reserve the right to make a judgment call on what I consider offensive.)


Please be aware that sometimes there just isn’t available footage to get across a certain idea; I’ll do my best in those cases, but I’m not experienced at manipulating video images (e.g., the video equivalent of photoshopping a kiss), so please don’t expect miracles.


Tumblr –
Dreamwidth –
Vids on AO3 –



EMAIL: please use LJ messaging


Fandoms I'm willing to edit: Arrow, Being Human (US), Teen Wolf, Smallville

Music Choices: I'm open to about everything except Rap. Mostly prefer R&B though.





I have been editing for 17 years, some of it professional. I edit AMVs; some of my favorites are Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Hellsing, Bubblegum Crisis, Death Note, and Fullmetal Alchemist, but if you're interested in something else, let's talk. I've done vids for some Studio Ghibli movies, though those can be harder to rip because of Disney. I have all of Satoshi Kon's movies. I can also work with other things I have, like Avatar the Last Airbender, Breaking Bad, or the film Serenity. I don't have too many live action tv shows, but if you can get me the source you want, I'm willing to consider it!

Music preferences: Most anything but rap and modern country

Working preferences: I'll work with the bidder personally, and talk things over.



VIDS: and .

Fandoms I'm willing to vid are Leverage, Starsky and Hutch, Sentinel, Professionals, Once A Thief, Invisible Man, and Sons of Anarchy. This is what comes to me off the top of my head, but I'm open to much more. Please ask me about any fandom, I'm very likely to say yes, but ask before you pay money for me.

Movie-wise my wheelhouse is action flicks, violent stuff, bloody stuff, however, I am open to just about anything. I also have a squishy center and have made vids to romantic comedies and kids movies. I love strangeness! I am willing to vid a movie I have never seen, but definitely ask first, and I'll check it out. If you're not sure about anything, just ask me before you pay money for me, I am very open minded.

My heavily preferred genres of music to vid are classic rock, punk rock (but not anything that can be considered pop punk), soul, motown, and standards from the thirties and forties. Beyond this, I have an incredibly wide range of music in my personal library, and enjoy all genres of music. However, there are a few artists that I simply will not vid. Beyonce and Green Day are at the top of that list. If you were to suggest a song that I feel I can't vid, I will almost always have at least one or two comparable suggestions for you.

I am okay with heavy involvement with the planning stage but once the actual vidding starts, my creative process works better if I just let it flow. Once I have a full draft, I'm pretty happy to change things to the recipient's liking. I want us both to be happy with this vid.

My vids can be found online at Vimeo: and youtube: . Feel free to contact me at zeneyepirate at gmail dot com .