November 14th, 2014

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Older_Not_Dead Promptathon

The 19th Older Not Dead (Love for the Over 40's) Promptathon is running now through the end of November at The theme is "transportation" and the following prompts for dSC6D are in this promptathon:


Fraser/Kowalski. Helicopter (or) helicopter airlift.
Fraser/Kowalski. Motorcycle (or) motorcycle crash.
Fraser/Kowalski. Sleeper car.

Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio. Travelling home for Christmas.
Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio. Travelling up the iceroads to see Benny and Kowalski.

Bob Fraser/Caroline Fraser. Dogsled.

Frannie Vecchio/Renfield Turnbull. Limousine.

Fraser/?. It has been a long time since Fraser hitchhiked, and longer still since he had to 'pay' for it.

Ray Vecchio/?. Buick Riviera.

?/?. Annual Chicago car show at McCormick Place.



Dead!Joe Dick/Billy Tallent. Travelling to concert gigs on the tour bus.



Duck MacDonald/Dan Jarvis. Anniversary trip.
Duck MacDonald/Dan Jarvis. Boating around the island.
Duck MacDonald/Dan Jarvis. Parade float.