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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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wishing to share my amusement with the C6D'ers on my flist
O Canada Fraser
I'm an Acquisitions Librarian at a public library. Today I acquired for the collection a book entitled Revision and Self-Editing for Publication. Checking info on the book so I could create the bibliographic record, I saw this piece of info : "Distributed in Canada by Fraser Direct ". Oh Fraser! *giggles*

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Fraser knows if you want something done correctly, you must do it yourself.

I was an acquisitions assistant when I was an undergrad. Good times.

Good times indeed, in a Fraserish way!

Ninja-Mountie-Librarian strikes again! :)

Hahaha xD That's nice! :)

well, Ben has lots of free time up there in those northwest areas, and he likes to keep busy.

Indeed...and that's Territories, Ray. *g*

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