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More Joy Day!

More Joy Day is a concept thought up by[personal profile] sdwolfpup n January 2008.
It is a semiannual day devoted to spreading MORE JOY THROUGH FANDOM. 

SDWolfpup's suggestions for celebrating that day include:

"Write a fic, make an icon, make a vid, or make a fanart for someone. Buy someone paid time or userpics. Leave someone a nice comment. Say something nice about something fannish someone else loves. Say something nice about something fannish you love and encourage squee (and squee on someone else’s post if they make one!). Offer to beta for someone. Offer to donate five dollars to the charity of someone's choice. Send flowers to an online friend in a different city. Buy someone you know online a present. Or a virtual present. Plant a tree or a flower in someone's honor and take a picture of it and post it to your LJ. When somebody cuts you off at work, wish them well and hope they get where they’re going safely. Make somebody a friendship bracelet. Or a construction paper heart. Call someone you love and tell them so. Or anything else you can think of!"

What I haz done : offered my future beta services for "Chicago-ese" (as I am a native of the city to which Fraser first came on the trail of the killers of his father) to a German dS fic writer who I met this month through kouredios's friending meme

What I haz done : donated additional monies to the Muskrat Jamboree ConCom.
Tags: friending meme, more joy day, muskrat jamboree

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