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friending meme

Well, it took me a little while, but I did finally post to[personal profile] kouredios 's friending meme   I'm # 2652 and the first one on page 16. Here's a copy of my post, where we are asked to post name, age(ish), primary fandoms, other stuff we're into, non-fannish interests, what our journal reads like, and f-list turnoffs :
1. name : On DW and LJ, I'm ride_4ever. On AO3, I'm Ride_Forever.
2. age(ish) : 50(ish)
3. primary fandoms : due South ; C6D - Canadian Six Degrees
4. other stuff you're into, but maybe don't blog about (unless you find more people who'd want to hear about it) : tattoos (I have three and will be getting a fourth next month) ; librarianship
5. non-fannish interests : boardgaming IRL ; theological history (the subject in which I got my degree) ; bento boxes and maneki nekos
6. my journal reads like...recs for works in my fandoms, pimping comms to which I belong , self-pimping my dS and C6D fics, squee about fancons, things of a Canadian nature that I think will amuse my f-list
7. f-list turnoffs : I'm just about unsquickable and triggerless, so there's nothing I'm "afraid" of seeing. What I don't like to see is anyone saying that someone else's kink or OTP is "wrong" just because it's not that person's kink or OTP.
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