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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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friending meme
dS other fandoms jealous
Well, it took me a little while, but I did finally post to[personal profile] kouredios 's friending meme   I'm # 2652 and the first one on page 16. Here's a copy of my post, where we are asked to post name, age(ish), primary fandoms, other stuff we're into, non-fannish interests, what our journal reads like, and f-list turnoffs :
1. name : On DW and LJ, I'm ride_4ever. On AO3, I'm Ride_Forever.
2. age(ish) : 50(ish)
3. primary fandoms : due South ; C6D - Canadian Six Degrees
4. other stuff you're into, but maybe don't blog about (unless you find more people who'd want to hear about it) : tattoos (I have three and will be getting a fourth next month) ; librarianship
5. non-fannish interests : boardgaming IRL ; theological history (the subject in which I got my degree) ; bento boxes and maneki nekos
6. my journal reads like...recs for works in my fandoms, pimping comms to which I belong , self-pimping my dS and C6D fics, squee about fancons, things of a Canadian nature that I think will amuse my f-list
7. f-list turnoffs : I'm just about unsquickable and triggerless, so there's nothing I'm "afraid" of seeing. What I don't like to see is anyone saying that someone else's kink or OTP is "wrong" just because it's not that person's kink or OTP.

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You do know that you already did, right?

Yes. :) It was a joke. Obviously not a very good joke...

But I'm happy I friended you!

Ah. It was that subtle Canadian humor! *g*

Yes. We're incredibly sophisticated like that. ::shifty eyes::

Did I know you were a library person? I'm a librarian! (Relevant icon is relevant, though obscure - Library Wars manga.)

<3 your Library Wars icon!

Don't know if you did know before that I'm a librarian (an Acquisitions Librarian at a public library near the city where Fraser first came on the trail of the killers of his father).

^_^ Isn't it wonderful? I love that series.

Ooh, lucky... I'm Collections Management Librarian (acquisitions, cataloging, and at least half of tech services D: also half of youth services) in a little bitty library in a little town at the back of the beyond, MT, and have been trying for over a year to be elsewhere. I've actually applied to a couple places in the greater Chicago area, but no dice. I'm a youth services librarian by preference, I just need to get to a library big enough to support an youth services staff.

Eeek! Are you my Montana twin? I actually am a Collections Management Librarian and do all the things you've listed (only diff is I do about 1/4 of YS and I do ALL of TS). I've gotten in the unthinking habit of saying "Acquisitions" because so damn many civilians think that "Collections" has something to do with collecting overdue fines. XD

Heheh, apparently. ^_^ We've got some volunteers and a page to do the processing, otherwise, I would do all of TS.

Is Collections your main area of interest? I enjoy building our comics and youth collections and making sure we have queer books, but other than that I could do without it. OTOH, it's a full-time professional position and I got it straight out of library school...

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