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squeeing about my dSC6DVD
Partnership & Marriage
Look at the adorable due South Canadian Six Degrees Valentine's Day card that I received in the dSC6DVD card exchange RayK sent to Fraser!



The inside of the card has monkeys that pop up off the page on springs, and the handwritten text is : Frase Ben, I got this card cause it made me think of when we first met. And how I thought you were the most infuriating man on the planet. I still think that sometimes, but there's a reason I spent the last five years in Canada and not Chicago. I never really thought we'd find the damned hand of Franklin. But I found you, and that's better anyway. Well okay I suppose I found you a lot earlier if you wanna be niggly about it but you know what I mean. This is getting real corny. I'll shut up now. Happy Valentine's Day. I love you. Ray


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