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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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squeeing about this adorable C6DVD card
dS other fandoms jealous

Look at the adorable due South Canadian Six Degrees Valentine's Day card that I received in the dSC6DVD card exchange RayK gave to Fraser!



The inside of the card has monkeys that pop up off the page on springs, and the handwritten text is : Frase Ben, I got this card cause it made me think of when we first met. And how I thought you were the most infuriating man on the planet. I still think that sometimes, but there's a reason I spent the last five years in Canada and not Chicago. I never really thought we'd find the damned hand of Franklin. But I found you, and that's better anyway. Well okay I suppose I found you a lot earlier if you wanna be niggly about it but you know what I mean. This is getting real corny. I'll shut up now. Happy Valentine's Day. I love you. Ray

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Omg! That is cute on so many levels.

Oh, and your fic is coming. Only it kind of grew from a neat little idea into some kind of brain eating monster. So it's going to be longer than I thought. By lots.

I am no stranger to the prompt that gives rise to the plot bunny that gives rise to the brain eating monster. I myself have more than one WIP that has kept growing and growing and growing (one of them, growing for over a year).

(Deleted comment)
I know, right?

And TYK for "dropping by"!

That's adorable. I really should do this next year.

Yes, join in next year! (I too became aware of it the year BEFORE joining in.)

Eeeee, pop up monkeys! And Ray in Canada, awwwww! This is very happy-making indeed. =)

Yes, so very happy making!

(And aren't we the well-rounded fangirls...'cause we <3 this kinda thing with one part of our brain and yet are drawn to Fraser's psychiatric intake report with another part of our brain).

That is really awesome! How creative and wonderfully written! Yay you!

Just wanna check that you understood about how the C6DVD works -- 'cause you followed the compliment to the card with "yay you" -- that you didn't think this is the card I made. Before the reveal, we post the card we receive.

Can't see you right now across the lake they call Michigan : there's a squall in progress.

No, I understood that it was one you had received, not made yourself. I apologize if it sounded the other way. the 'Yay you' was I was happy that you had received such an awesome card.

I can't wave either, we are at the other end of your squall with rain. Thank god it's not snow like out east!

Ah. Now I understand that "yay you"...that makes sense.

The snow out east, yes! I'm going to Muskrat Jamboree (the multifandom slashcon) in Cambridge, MA next month, and I've been hearing plenty about the snow from the con organizer because she's an East Coast girl.

And -- "for Fraser's sake" --I try not to say anything negative about snow. LOL

Super cute! I remember having a lot of fun with mine last year... good times. Fraser and Ray still make me smile. :)

Glad they still make you smile!

(And I know your fannish artistry finds outlets in multifandom ways, but I hope there's always a place in your heart for dS.)

Oh yes, it gets the big yay of adorableness.

(Deleted comment)
Hey, bb, this is the best place to comment...and I'm so glad you did! When I got your darling C6DVD I was like "whoa, stamped in England...who could it be...awesome how the love of dS is so international".

And WTF with all the login issues...you're having them with DW...I've been having them with LJ.

<3 your icon by mirien3. Our boys in the submersible! In fact I <3 it so much I've asked her if it's shareable. Have you seen the dS fic I wrote inspired by mirien3's dS vid? It's at http://archiveofourown.org/works/595410

Also, I saw that one of your icons is named "tattoo". Is that a tattoo you have? I love ink! I am getting my fourth tattoo today (and all of them are dS-related).

(Deleted comment)
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