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crack_van rec # 7 for due South
dS other fandoms jealous
link to due South recs on crack_van

An Alternate Existence by The Moo, with fanart by Janice Sager [M]

Fandom : due South
Pairing : Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski
Author on LJ : themoo37
Author Website : The Moo-niverse
Why this must be read :

I <3 The Moo so much that I have been struggling with deciding which fic of hers to rec here : from comedy that makes me laugh until I cry to death!fic that makes me just plain cry until I'm all cried out, I have so many faves amongst her fics. Then I thought to rec a series of hers that has comedy, drama, death!fic all clearly marked as such in separate sections, so...chacun à son goût.

Excerpt of author's summary from her website : This is a series of alternate universe Fraser/Kowalski stories....F/K in different time periods...a few different takes on how life might have turned out for a couple of souls that sometimes find themselves born in the same place, the same time, the same gender and destined to fall in love.

An Alternate Existence


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