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C6DVD card exchange -- I made this

For the C6DVD card exchange run by mizface, here's what I had RayK send to Fraser (sent inside an envelope addressed to my assigned recipient).

This envelope is addressed from Ray in Chicago to the actual postal address of the Ulukhaktok RCMP Detachment in the NWT, with the proper U.S.-to-Canada postage for that era. 

Here's the front of the card.

Here's the inside of the card.

The card came printed (that's the text in red) with "With you I'm one happy camper -- Happy Valentine's Day".

What Ray wrote :

Hey, Frase, surprised that I'm writing to you? I mean, we've talked on the phone every week all these months since we ended the Franklin's Hand thing and I came back here to Chicago. And you ask me every time how I'm doing and I say everything is greatness here. Well, it's like I told you at the beginning -- "I was a con job then and I'm a con job now". And afraid. Afraid to say something too true on the phone -- that I'd be saying stuff the wrong way and then I'd be listening to you freaking out and that would suck, or else that I'd be saying stuff the right way and then listening to you freaking out and that would suck even worse. So, you know way back what I said to you about the Northwest Areas and how wilderness makes me come down with a skin condition -- well, I saw this card and I thought yeah, like this card, and I'm gonna level with Fraser NOW. Wilderness or anywhere with YOU, I'm a happy camper. Without you, everywhere is suckitude. And that time I said "I love you, Fraser" and then I said "not literally, I mean symbolically or something" -- that's not how I'm saying it here.

I mean it literally and not symbolically,

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