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crack_van rec # 10 for due South

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Diefenbaker's Other Daddy by Bast [Explicit]
Fandom : due South
Pairing : Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski
Author Website : benandrayk.com

Why this must be read : On a website loaded with "Serious Duck Award" winners and "Serge Award" winners in multiple categories, it's hard to say why any one should be read rather than another, so I hope that y'all will peruse the rest of the site after you read this fic -- plus the website has terrific fanart accompanying the fics. As for this particular fic, though, it had me at the title...so if you love Dief it's a must-read right there, because he is central to the storyline...how the shared caring for Dief leads to realizations about marriage and family...and some good sex, too.

I <3 this scene where the assistant to Dief's vet flirts with Ray :

"Here we are," Ray said as he swung open the glass door and stepped inside.

A slim blond man with spiked hair and lots of earrings, dressed in lavender scrubs, rushed over and knelt by Diefenbaker, hugging him hard as Ray stood right inside the door, stunned. He looked up towards Ray and smiled a huge smile.

"Oh hello! You must be Diefenbaker's other daddy," the blond trilled before rising and heading back around the counter.

"Uh, hi…" Ray said hesitantly. "Daddy – uh –"

"Come on back to room seven. Doctor Lombardo is just finishing up with another patient, and she'll be right with you." The blond looked appreciatively at Ray, giving him the eye. "Lucky Sergeant Fraser and Diefenbaker."

Ray blushed.

Diefenbaker's Other Daddy

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