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crack_van rec # 11 for due South

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Hawks and Hands by Dira Sudis [Explicit]

For my last rec of the month, it's a fic that has already received many a rec, but in light of what's going on with my home-town team, the Hawks, and their massive winning streak, I just can't resist making this Hawks!fic today's rec.

Fandom : due South
Pairings : Ray Kowalski / OMC, Benton Fraser / Mark Smithbauer, Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski
Author on LJ : dsudis
Author Website : on AO3
Additional Tag : AU
Length : 20,2967 words

Why this must be read : Does "eighteen sex scenes strung together with angst and hockey" sound good to you? If so, that's why it must be read. (And note that there are six other fics that Dira has written in this same 'verse, and they are listed at the end of this fic.)

Hawks and Hands
Tags: crack_van, due south, hockey
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