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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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Young Gordon Pinsent (for Luzula)
O Canada Fraser

luzula has been saying she wants a pic of "young Gordon Pinsent". Here you go, bb!

(And D A M N doesn't he look F I N E !)

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And more young Gordon Pinsent for Luzula and... all of us. )

Yay Scally! You totally win at pics of Gordon!

Ha, both of you obviously have better Google-fu than I do. Although God, what is he doing in the bearded one?

>Although God, what is he doing in the bearded one?

Just one word: Rasputin.

Yes, my Google-fu it is powerful, fueled by Canadian karma-chi-love!

Oh hey, I missed this! I thought you were cross-posting everything to DW, so I was filtering you out on LJ.

But OMG, thank you so much! Wow, he looks great. This is going to be so much use to me in visualizing Bob when he was young.

How old is he there, do you know? Hmm, it looks like it's from the cover of a record or something...

That gorgeous pic is indeed from a record cover, the 1969 record album entitled "Roots," a collection of Newfoundland folk songs.

I suggest you don't filter me out on LJ. I crosspost all text-only posts...but FRTDNEATJ there have been problems with my posting pics and vids on DW, so those might appear only on my LJ and not on my DW.

Oh cool, I didn't know he'd made records. Do you have the record itself, or did you just find the cover photo of it? I would definitely listen to Newfoundland folk songs.

All right, you are now unfiltered! : )

I've been trying to get my hands on this record for a while...it's quite a rare one. You can hear Gordon singing the Newfoundland folk song "She's Like the Swallow" here : http://youtu.be/aJsgAmZWpH8

(Deleted comment)
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