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Meme : the 21 most recent first lines I wrote in fic

I got this meme from seascribe who got it from muccamukk . (Some of my long sentences they are loooong!) Here goes :

  1. Oh yeah, let's give it to the polack Kowalski, Mr. Blue-Eyed Blond...helluva job...thanks for that.

  2.  A multitude of candles could not dispel my darkness, not when she was with me and not now, but one ray of light could do it.

  3.  Hey Frase, surprised that I'm writing to you?

  4.  After Ray and I ended our Quest, I had been assigned to the Detachment of my father’s old partner, Buck Frobisher, where more often   than not the hazards of duty were no greater than the usual challenges of survival in the Northwest Territories…along with the hazards of exposure to Sergeant Frobisher’s signature dish of moose hock rolled in wild boar tongue and covered with gorgonzola cheese.

  5.  I was high in the sky, more ways than one…bitch drugged me and took me on a private plane outta Chicago.

  6.  I’m fumbling my apartment door open with my arms full of laundry when someone suddenly steps in close behind me, and there’s a jab in my right bicep like someone using my Champion tat as a bull’s-eye.

  7.  Shielding their escalating argument from the scrutiny it would attract in the 2-7’s bullpen, Fraser and Kowalski take their dispute to the supply closet.

  8.  The look of him was like red roses in the snow, miracle flowers.

  9.  My acute hearing informs me that the lock on the Consulate’s front door has just been slipped open with a credit card – Ray, no doubt.

10.  Some light reading for relaxation near bedtime -- Fraser reading "The Chicago Manual of Style".

11.  "That's one dark story," I say to you with a laugh when you try to make light of it all.

12.  Fraser sure took it to heart, what I said that time he was singing back-up for the country-western singer chick, when I said he "danced like a stick" and I said "c'mon, Fraser, do something, move"...'cause when the Lieu gave us this undercover gig at the dance club, Fraser went and did WAY TOO MUCH homework for it, and now he's showin' it all off on the dance floor, makin' like "the history of dance" : folk, ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop...ancient stuff to modern stuff...and he's doin' it without a dance-partner and gettin' quite an audience.

13.  I wake as the air cools, the fire burning lower in the cabin's fireplace, my paws still twitching from hunting doughnuts in my dreams.

14.  Being undercover leaves you feeling empty on a diet of this strange place, Las Vegas.

15.  Lady Shoes – Denny Scarpa -- got into Fraser’s long johns…I mean, she was wearing Fraser’s long johns...and just the thought of getting into Fraser’s long johns was enough to make me feel jealous and talk stupid.

16.  “And now,” declared the MC of the Chicago Police Union’s annual talent show, “we have ‘Cops Gone Country’…Detectives Jack Huey and Tom Dewey.”

17.  We chase the malfeasant over rooftops, Ray and I.

18.  So dark a night I can walk nearly invisible, so hot a night I know I'm far from home.

19.  “Have you ever wondered why those days exist, Fraser?”

20.  “Bleeding blue”…they say that’s what true cops do.

21.  “Sing for me, Frase?”
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