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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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new fic for dS_snippets
Always On My Mind
Title : What's in a Name? What's in this Rose?
Fandom : due South
Pairing : Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski
Characters : Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski, mention of Ray Vecchio
Rating : Teen and Up
Length : 255 words

Prompts : The challenge prompts are "wicked," "glamor," "charisma," "astray," and "I am a poison and I am fun"...and I applied my own usual personal dS_snippets challenge by which I further challenge myself : to use all the prompts in the one snippet. (In this case I did not exactly quote the phrase-prompt, but used the words "poison" and "fun" in close proximity to each other.)

Summary : There's fun and there's passion and there's WTF and IDEK about the names by which the Rays call Fraser.

Link to this fic at AO3.