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my due South fanfic to be presented at profic literary festival
dS Firelit
It's the 10th Annual Saints & Sinners GLBTQ Literary Festival in New Orleans, and I've been chosen to be one of the featured writers at the Festival...the first time in the Festival's 10-year history that a fanfic writer has been chosen to do a reading of their work at the Festival. The fic I'll be presenting is my F/K apocalypse! fic Getting Buried in Buffalo Jump.

TYK to bghost for writing as-yet-unpublished "inspired by" snippets and to spuffyduds for causing me to commit apocalypse!fic (under the influence of spuffy's heartbreaking and yet beautiful The Last Step is to the Side).

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That's very cool -- congratulations! How did you manage to land yourself that gig? :)

TYK for the congrats!

One of the writers who has participated in the Festival before and who has read my fanfic rec'ed me to the Festival Committee. Then the Festival Comm asked me to send them some samples of my writing. Then they chose me to be one of the Festival's featured writers.

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