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returned from 10th Annual New Orleans GLBTQ Literary Festival
Squee Kitten
In a slower-paced world I would now post ALL THE THINGS about the 10th Annual New Orleans GLBTQ Literary Festival from which I have just returned, triumphant in my role as the first fanfic writer ever in the Fest's 10-year history asked to present their works. However, since I have barely returned home and it's time to pack for my three fannish weeks in England, I will at this juncture simply say that not one negative thing I was told about New Orleans proved to be true in my personal experience and everything that I thought would be good was even better than what I thought it would be.

If someone on my flist pokes me -- round about late July -- to write more on this, I will. *coaxes flist for reminder*

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You fannish jet-setter, you. :)

...and aren't you too about to vacation for three weeks?

Yes, though not for a fannish pilgrimage. (I will be taking some fic projects along though.)

Wishing you good travels for whatever purpose...and fic productivity!

I will poke you in July! I think it's awesome you were at that fest - I'd love to hear about it.

TYK, bb! I do want to go on about it...later.

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