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boosting the signal for "Squee! the Book"

There's an awesome book project in the works by rivers_bend and missyjack. They say : "We love our fandoms, but above all we love fangirls and we wanted to put together a book written by fangirls about being a fangirl. A book by us, for us.
This book is to be a collection of the sort of tales we tell each other over a few cocktails. Our origin stories, stories about becoming a writer or an artist, of friendships made and hours spent posting pics of very pretty people. We hope many of you will contribute essays or anecdotes to the collection. It might be 3,000 words about an epic fangirl road trip, or 500 words about some mad moment on LJ. We want stories from the fannish past too -- from the days of photocopied fanzines, and messageboards and long dead fandoms. We hope the book will be – like fandom - eclectic and quirky, diverse and just a bit dangerous. We are so excited to kick off this project and hope you'll help boost the signal so we can get an amazing array of fangirl tales. But most of all submit your fangirl story to us. With thanks to the awesome fangirls angstslashhope, hells_half_acre, and counteragent who already helped with getting the website together."

Join in the Squee! You can find all the details about the book and how to submit to it at "Squee! the Book"!
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