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Fraser Yays
It's my two-year LJanniversary! Yaaaaaaaay!!

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(Deleted comment)
TYK! *offers celebratory lichen tarts and bark tea*

Congrats. I know LJ has totally enriched my life!

TYK! And I <3 your CKR icon, sweet sweet smile there!

Yes, LJ has totally enriched my life, too (and btw, when I first got on to LJ and figured how to do friending, you were the very first one I put on my f-list).

Hurray! Congratulations!

Congratulations!  I'm sure Buck Frobisher would have something inspiring to say, but I'm more Dief-like, alas. ::steals doughnut; wags::

*wipes powdered sugar off Dief's nose*

"They have called this day ride's LJanniversary...." Oh Buck!

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