ride_4ever (or Ride_Forever: seen it both ways) (ride_4ever) wrote,
ride_4ever (or Ride_Forever: seen it both ways)

dS crack!fic by myself and ButterflyGhost

Fandom: due South

Title: Two Rays Walk Into a Bar

Authors: ride_4ever and bghost

Rating: Mature

Category: M/M

Relationships: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio

Characters: Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski, Ray Vecchio

Tags: crack, walked-into-a-bar trope, characters-aware-of-fandom trope

Word Count: 585

Summary: Ray Vecchio and Ray Kowalski, discussing due South fandom, enter a bar together. Later, Fraser joins the conversation.

AN: Crack!fic written in the course of ride_4ever's visit from America to ButterflyGhost in England during which time ride sat BG down in the local pub and taught her the tequila ritual : lick hand between thumb and index finger -- hey, our fandom DOES lick things -- pour salt on wet spot on hand, lick salt off -- more licking! -- gulp down shot of tequila, bite into slice of lime, repeat.

"Two fic writers walk into a bar." Yes, we actually did write this fic at the bar while repeatedly doing the tequila ritual.

Fic on AO3
Tags: crack, due south, my fic
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