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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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quoting this awesome quote because it is awesome
dS other fandoms jealous
deputychairman saying "my life motto is never, ever diss the free porn someone wrote FOR FREE, ABOUT THE CHARACTERS YOU LOVE, because that is a selfless act of altruism that deserves only praise" is one of the most excellent comments I have ever seen anyone make.

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You can tell I spend wayyyy too much time on FB as I immediately tried to find a "like" button...

Heh, I'm in the "wayyyy little time on FB" category. I did FB for about an hour or so in 2011, had some weird experiences, left and never looked back.

FB has games. 'S all I'm sayin'. :P

PS, I need someone to reread (or, um, read the first time 'round) my old HP fics because I cannot decide which era I write best in, and I have a load of WIPs in that fandom. The link is right over here if you're game. I'm just trying to decide which WIP I should attack first. I know it's kinda out of your fandoms... but... they're really, really, really well written... *begs shamelessly* Most are slash, incidentally.

How soon for that reading? I'm willing to read and opine (especially slash) but I am overwhelmed with multiple fannish commitments at the moment : writing for the C6D Midsummer Santa, the dSC6D Big Bang, and the alternate_dS_C6D...and also beta'ing for the Midsummer Santa.

Oh, whenever. None of them are terribly long, anyway. I just transferred the lot (well, most of it, that is) over to AO3 if that's easier. And it's not like I'm dying to have you read them all at one go, either. :P So, whenever you can fit them into your schedule, I'd be delighted. :)

If you don't get comments on them by me next month, feel free to remind me.

This is a great comment. Not gonna lie, I like to be entertained by badfics sometimes (though I'm guessing most are written badly on purpose) and it's probably very mean but I would never, ever leave a nasty comment about it. Not just because that's a horrible thing to do anyway, but especially if someone writes porn, which takes a different kind of guts to put out there. I have a fic that I need to be working on that someday I will put out there and I'm already terrified.

Cheers you on for porny fic! *\0/*

I've written for Porn Battle, but alas my porn came out more like schmoop.

Noo, I'm not writing porny fic lol. I did once though a long time ago but deleted it. Although it's still up on LJ somewhere probably...

Aww, I like schmoopy porn :)

Your saying that you think you deleted it but you also think it's still up on LJ somewhere makes me WANT to read it. *goes cruising in LJ*

OH GOD. It's not due South...

Oh...right...you DID say it was older...well, I'm fairly mono-fannish so I won't pursue that just now.

All the kudos to deputychairman! She's awesome.

TYK for putting "boxing-ring!RayK&Fraser" here. *stares, mesmerized*

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