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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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pimping the new dS zine
Always On My Mind

According to publisher sources there hasn't been a dS zine published for ten years, but dS is the fandom that will not die and now a new dS zine has been published! FUMBLING TOWARDS ECSTASY is a 261-page slash novella published this month by Bast's Requiem Publications. Author bghost writing as "Amarok," Muse and Beta ride_4ever, with cover art by rose_malmaison.

Summary: Fraser is kidnapped. His captors forcibly expose him to the new drug 'High Octane' which makes sex addicts -- and thus highly marketable sex slaves -- of its victims. Ray Kowalski finds Fraser and frees him from captivity, but both of them continue to be victims of Fraser's addiction. Heavy angst. H/C. Warnings for non-con.     

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You should pimp this in the bar!

Hmmm...I was thinking that the bar buddies would see the pimp on the LJ or DW noticeboards, and I didn't want to "swamp" folks with too many copies (there are many copies). Should I still copy it to the bar now?

YES DO IT. If anyone complains, send them to me.

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