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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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Canadian Blowjob Day Fic Master List
dS other fandoms jealous
Behind the cut are links to 14 fics by 11 authors, featuring Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Vecchio, Kowalski/Meg Thatcher, Fraser/Elaine Besbriss, Fraser/Eric Kitikmeot, and Fraser/Victoria Metcalf. (TYK to seascribe for running this year's CBD and TYK to
for the original CBD.) Community posting of this list appears at  http://ds-noticeboard.livejournal.com/1609277.html?thread=3721533#t3721533

Dress for Success (Fraser/Kowalski) by catlady_waiting

Making Him Wait (Fraser/Kowalski) by deputychairman

Better Than An Alarm Clock (Fraser/Kowalski) and Taking Turns (Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio) by desireearmfeldt

The Ice Queen Cometh (Kowalski/Thatcher) by drjules64

Closeted (Fraser/Vecchio) by gileswench

In the Same River (Fraser/Eric Kitikmeot) by luzula

Lofsöngur (Fraser/Kowalski) by doodlesinsand

More Powerful Than Death (Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Victoria) by ride_4ever

Festivities (Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio) and Amends (Fraser/Vecchio)seascribe

End the Week Well (Fraser/Vecchio) and Your Turn (Elaine/Fraser) by flying_android

untitled sentence fic (Fraser/Kowalski) byhiswasburgundy

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