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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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pimping the Older_Not_Dead comm for the sake of due South
Always On My Mind
The month-of-November multifandom promptathon, with the theme hurt/comfort, is now open at Older_Not_Dead on LJ. The idea is to make fanworks with a slash pairing of 40-or-older characters; it doesn't matter whether or not they are 40 or older in canon, but they must be 40 or older for fanworks in this challenge. There are six due South prompts for the month of November.

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Thank you for the pimp.

My pleasure! TYK for modding!

Oh, look! Another source of prompt I don't have time to think about! :) but thanks for the link.

Ha Ha! I win the bet I made with myself! It went something like this : "I bet desiree will have something to say about more-prompts-OMG". *chortles*

Hmph! :)

But now I've been forced (forced! I say) to start a prompt fic anyway. May or may not actually finish it in November (or, you know, ever). So curse you and your prompt-spreading ways. :) :)

...and I am cursing myself , too...as I flail at the thought of using 5 of those 6 prompts for a "Five Things Over 40" fic.

That would be efficient, at least!

Neat idea, especially as both guys in my favourite SGA pairing turned 40 way back in 2008/2009.

Alas, your favorite pairing is not a pairing offered in this round...but IF you offer prompts in the next round it would be.

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