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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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the end of WriSoMiFu 2013...and the end of WriSoMiFu
dS other fandoms jealous
I posted every day but one during this year's WriSoMiFu (missed the night before Thanksgiving -- exhausted pre-holiday me was exhausted). Sadly this comm has now closed permanently, but happily there is a new comm, You Should Be Writing -- http://ushobwri.livejournal.com/ -- which has arisen out of it. Check-ins every Wednesday all year round for what we formerly got just in the month of November.

To quote Captain Jack Harkness : "Now we carry on. You can. We all can. The end is where we start from."

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Congratulations that's a great achievement.

I hope you have fun with the new comm.

Thanks for the tip! Looks like an interesting comm - I've started watching, at least. I'm in another comm with monthly checkins (get your words out), and I was doing pretty well this year until November, which was a complete disaster... *grimaces*

Well done on the WriSoMiFu achievement!

So, the monthly check-ins work well for you? I think I need something more frequent...the dailyness of WriSoMiFu was awesome, but would be too intense if it were a 365 comm, and I think the new weekly check-in comm will be just right for me.

I think monthly check-ins by themselves wouldn't be quite enough, but I also have an excel spreadsheet where I try to do a daily (often more like weekly!) check of my own, and that also gives me accurate figures for the monthly check-in.

Hope the weekly comm is working for you now!

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