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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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Internet=Drunken Librarian
Question to flist : today LJ is sending me second copies of posts that were already sent to me a couple days ago when they first posted. Is this happening to any of you?

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No....guess there is a glitch with your name on it?

Hmmm...looks like I'm "special"...however "special" is defined. XD

Nope, not happening to me.

*Zen shrugs*

However, here's wishing you a very happy new year! :D

And happy new year to you too, bb! Looking forward to many dinners at Tony's and much fannish creativity in the new year!

Oooh, yes, I am looking forward to those things as well!

Gimme a couple of months to really get the hang of all the new tech I've learned, and I'll have you over to my shabby little house and teach you how to vid. :)

Exactly! 'Cause I need some months to get caught up on WIP's and to put my haphazard storyboarding in usable order. "Timing is everything!"

BTW, my house is of the "shabby little house" style as well...we will both feel perfectly at home in each other's houses. *g*

Just happened to me too, yep.

So appreciative for you telling me! And I don't feel so freaked out now that I'm not the totes isolated case.

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