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evil evil teh plot bunneh
Pot Bunnies
This just came out of a dinner convo IRL with vagabondage and is offered up as a plot bunneh to anyone who dares take it : Alex Krycek/Captain Jack Harkness.

If you take it on, LMK so I can see what you've done with it!

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It's not even a cracky idea. :D

I've paired Krycek with Bodie and Jack with Sam Tyler which is a lot crackier. Somehow it seems completely logical that Krycek and Jack would have crossed paths... surely it must exist?

I've seen Krycek and Captain Jack in the same fic, but haven't seen them slashed (not saying it isn't out there somewhere -- rule 34 and all that -- but just that I myself haven't seen it and vagabondage hasn't seen it, and we got to flailing over it).

Nah, I didn't mean I thought anyone *had* written it, so much as it seemed like a perfectly logical thing for you to have come up with. :D

Although you made me curious, so I just did an AO3 search and and what do you know *g*

Still, not Krycek/Harkness though.... Oooh, one of them is apparently.

Edited at 2014-02-22 05:40 am (UTC)

Oooh, there does look to be one! http://archiveofourown.org/works/391?view_adult=true TYK for this!

*scampers off to read*

Ha! Our posts crossed in cyberspace! I just commented this to you same as you commented to me! *g*

Well, we are talking X-files. :D

I love the search feature in AO3 where you can literally lob anything at it. Very useful when you suddenly find yourself wondering if anyone ever thought of putting X and Y together. Of course, sometimes the horror can be too much to bear but hey, you went looking for it so... :D

"The horror, the horror!" But yeah, we ask for it...like that time I wondered about Wiley Coyote/Roadrunner....

Curiosity killed the fangirl...

Although I've been utterly delighted that I've ran across mates' work on a few occasions while "what if?" searching. :D

There IS one. Jack gets a blowjob from Alex in an alley to prove his loyalty. I have it somewhere on flashdrive but I can only remember a line where Jack asks Krychek "did you miss me soldier?". Alex is aware that Jack can't die. It's a short drabble and I thought it was written by Peja but it doesn't turn up under her name.

Melted my damn drive almost!

Oooh, if you remember the title or author I will be all grabbyhands.

Siberianskys had a few on her page at AO; I'm trying to find that one on my stick and I'll let you know. It was pretty hot too!

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