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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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Hugh Dillon -- srsly
Flist, I am boggling at this! I was looking at customer reviews on Amazon, and there was a review of Hugh's "Works Well with Others" where the person wrote : "Hugh Dillon is amazing. I mean who knew the guy from Flashpoint could sing."

Srsly?!?! More than a few of us do know....!!!

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Who knew the guy from the Headstones could act?

Bwahaha! Perfect response!

(Deleted comment)
That makes me laugh, too!

...and your icon is perfect for this topic! *smirks*

Heh, yeah. All I have to say to that is JOE MOTHERFUCKING DICK! :)

Yeah, bb, that really does say it!

And your icon -- wow! -- I can't even!

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