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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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a bit of due South : special for the Swedish fen
dS pilot screencap

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I don't recall that scene in the pilot where the doctor is listing off Vecchio's injuries to Fraser....Is that something they might have cut from the DVDs?

I'm going to have to go back and look at mine, but I'm something of an h/c fan, and I don't think a list like that referring to my favorite character would have slipped by me 700 or 800 times.

Hi (and hi Ride, I found ya! ;-) )

You're absolutely right--that particular scene didn't make it to the final cut and can only be found in this trailer (which is only available on the British 18 disc version, Region 1). This is, however, the best trailer available (to my knowledge) and I've actually posted it in its entirety on YouTube:


I used this trailer for the start of the introduction video, but put together the rest of the clips myself. I don't usually translate my vids to Swedish--and actually I found it very difficult to choose the right words to describe Fraser in my mother tongue--when I'm in "due South mode," I think in English. ;-)
But the vid was created for a very specific (and semi-secret ;-) ) project where some of my Swedish friends are involved, and I needed them to understand the rather complex dialogue...

I actually like the "original" vid (with English text) better, I'll embed it below...


I don't want to over-promote myself, but if you haven't seen the extras I'm talking about, feel free to check out my YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/tangelian -- I've uploaded some of them there (plus a lot of general silliness... :-P)

And oh yeah, I'm a diehard hurt/comfort person too, so I can sympathize with you. ;-) Unfortunately, there seems to be no more footage available than those few precious seconds...

tangelian bb, you could not possibly OVER promote yourself...because that is how awesome you and your fannishness are. TYK for the detailed comments here and the links (btw, I will do embed codes later for the link codes).

Aww, thank you, Ride!!! I tried the embed option but the vids didn't show up in the preview, so I guess the comments field don't support them. Let me know if I can help you with something. :-)

I also realized my LJ was hopelessly outdated. I made some slight changes. I still get comment notifications via e-mail, but if there's something I seemed to have missed, feel free to "poke" me. ;-)

Embedding vids doesn't seem to work in the comment fields. :-/

Also--I keep stating that it's the R1 discs, but it's REGION 2 for Europe and nothing else *groans*, sorry about that!

TTYL! :-)

Yes, when I went to embed those vids as comments rather than making a new post, I too, discovered about not being able to embed vids in the comments...and when I stopped to think about it that made sense because otherwise people could end up with having things embedded in their personal journal that they don't want there.

Yeah, I haven't really thought about it either, but it makes sense!

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