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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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I haz been podficced!
dS other fandoms jealous
The illustrious [personal profile] malnpudl has made a podfic of my dSC6D fic Getting Buried in Buffalo Jump, a crossover between due South and Last Night. TYK, mal bb!

Podfic at AO3 of Getting Buried in Buffalo Jump

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Yay! ride_4ever and malnpudl: two great things that go great together :)

\o/ \o/

And I <3 your podfic-love icon.

It's cute, innit? By __alt_icons; not podfic-specific, but it's perfect for my podfic feels :D

See what fandom has done to my brain...whenever I see headphones I automatically think podfic.

Doesn't everybody?!? LOL, if I'm plugged in, it's almost always podfic or the occasional podcast. :)

...or a fanvid? I headphone when I vid.

Yep, fanvids too! Multimedia fanworks FTW! :D

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