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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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deadlines and panic are my friends
dS other fandoms jealous
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Far too much truth in one cartoon.

(Deleted comment)
Calvin! I've always loved that comic strip, and he's absolutely right. Thanks for sharing! That made me smile. ::grins::

Oh, the truth of it! (And LOL your Calvin & Hobbes icon!)

It's how I always prepared for exams.

So glad I don't write. Haha. ;)

Yeah...either writing causes insanity or insanity causes writing.

Sanity is overrated anyway. ;)

It seemed fitting. As does yours. :D

Heh heh...TYK for the cheerleading! *\o/*

Ahahahahaha! It's like they made that cartoon JUST FOR YOU!

Deadlines give me hives. I think I'm about to break out in hives.

::Zen looks nervously over her shoulder at the vids she needs to have finished in five short weeks::

I miss you, we need to do dinner or something soon. It's been too long!

Yep, that is totally my cartoon!

Can you do dinner this Friday, May 30, at Tony's? (That should contribute to my necessary last-minute fic panic for my WIP that deadlines on May 31. *giggles nervously*)

Dinner on Friday is a possibility! I'm waiting to hear from Becca if she's coming down here for the weekend. If she's not, I'd LOVE to do Tony's on Friday. I'll let you know as soon as I hear from her. :)

Oh duh...I wrote this Friday and the 30th...but this Friday is the 21st!

So, last Friday of this month (May 30) or else last Friday of next month (June 27)?

Oh, heh, I wasn't really paying attention to the date. :)

Yes, next Friday, the 30th would be perfect for me! I look forward to it! And hey, what the hell, let's make plans for the June 27th, too.

Yes! I have "Zenned" my calendar for both Fridays, May 30 and June 27!

Too many projects I completed at the very last minute turned out better than if I had taken my time... loved this comment and the comic...

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