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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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link to article entitled "Fandom, Fanfiction, and Fangirling"
dS other fandoms jealous
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Read the accompanying article here : http://mylifeinverse.com/2014/04/28/fandom-fanfiction-and-fangirling/

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(Deleted comment)
Totes agree! I don't get it about how small the fanfic part is in that brain. Smaller than IRL, really?!

I love that article! You should drop by the Shoobie comm next Monday and share that for Inspiration Day. It's really good!

I'll aim for sharing this with the comm on Monday. *g*

That. Is. Glorious. I would swap sleep and sexual frustration for me, but I'm a bit older than most fangirls (at least the ones on Tumblr) and I'm in a fantastic LTR. Other than that, yep. Pretty spot on. As for the article, I thought it was a bit naive (I'm spoiled from reading so many acafan blogs), but I appreciated her recognition for one-shot fandoms.

Thanks for sharing the link!

And you say you're "a bit older than most fangirls"! Well, bb, I'm a decade older than you! (And yeah, I do not have a Tumblr brain.)

Also, although I'm in a fantastic LTR, too, it does not reduce my level of fannish sexual frustration.

Well, the proportions are all wrong -- ooh errr missus! -- and Tumblr's not there at all but it's easy to relate to this. :D

Yeah, not the proportions for me and not Tumblr for me, but basically a YES.

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