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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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my fanniversary
dS other fandoms jealous
Four days ago was my third fanniversary, having been pimped into fandom by akite. TYK to her, to all the fen who keep me going, and to everyone who has anything to do with the existence of dSC6D.

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*bounces in time to pom pom waving*

And fandom is richer because you're here! Happy fanniversary!

And fandom is richer because you're here! Happy fanniversary!

Wow, you meant this so much that you wrote it twice! *izz very flattered*

TYK for bringing the happy!

I adore your icon by lipstickcat. Many is the time I've wanted to act just like that!

(Is that icon shareable?)

Sure you can share - I think I got it from a due South Holiday Party exchange.

Yays! TYK!

(And as RayK once said, "First, get a big hat....)

Happy Fanniversary!!!!

TYK! And you win at "most unique Paul Gross Arms".


(And wow you have been posting a lot in your LJ and I am so far behind in reading it.)

wow, congrats!

the longer you're in fandom the deeper down you go... i've been beyond saving for a while.

"You take the red pill and I show you how far down the rabbit hole goes."

Oh yes.

One day you run out of fics to read, so you resort to ones on all those subjects you wouldn't read before..... the next thing you know, you're writing three different versions of an asphyxiation prompt for the kink meme and modding five comms, and it just keeps going on from there...

in all seriousness, i married someone i met from fandom, and fandom both helped me learn languages (not that i'm any good even now) and move abroad and figure out what i want to do for a career and so on. well, fandom and people i met in fandom. it's pretty sweet. though of course i have never been able to say a word about fandom stuff to my family, they're pretty "anti-anything that's not their own interests", i'm pretty sure they think i write original poems or something instead of, er, very gay fanfic. but i've been in it to varying degrees for so long and i started so young, i have no idea what my life would be like without it. maybe i would actually go outside.

Ooooh, asphyxiation kink! That's one of my bulletproof kinks! (Both reading it and writing it.) When it comes to getting repeat feels from rereading any of my own fic, the one that does it for me every time is the drowning scene I wrote for both Fraser and RayK in last year's dSC6D Big Bang.

As for the modding thing, I'm a modding virgin for about another two weeks. Then I'll be co-modding the Midsummer C6D Snippet-fest.

So awesome that you are married to someone you met in fandom. If I could manage intercontinental polyamory, I'd keep my SO that I married before fandom and add a fannish second spouse. (Is it because of your wife that you moved to Sweden?)

Haha, well if you really like them, it doesn't stay international for long! : P

It kinda is. I was living in Iceland and she in Sweden, she came to visit and that's when we met for the first time, but she confessed that she liked me (and I had had a crush on her but was too dumb to realize it - meanwhile she said she fell for me really fast after having started talking to me) so then she moved in a couple months later and we've been together since. I was getting deported from Iceland a while later due to bad grades, but it turns out that moving somewhere on a "living with spouse" permit is incredibly easy (no money or job required!), so we did that and moved in with her family/parents who are now paying for us.... it means we get rent free, but we pay our groceries thanks to savings and have no lives and never buy anything.

My family stopped paying for my rent and stuff around the time that I was getting deported and they said that basically "if your wife comes with, then there's no room for you two at anyone's place" (despite my family being fairly rich and i kept saying we could just sleep on the floor - like my grandparents' house has three floors and three guest rooms and they only live ten minutes away from my dad, who also has a guest room) so there wasn't even any choice to not come to Sweden. Unless I wanted to live either apart from her or on the street, which would have just turned me into a depressed crazy person (and I was already depressed enough at that time).

Not that I ever wanted to live in the US anyway, but it's rather rude for your family who goes your whole life "we love you we'll always love you blah blah" and then when you might need help acts the complete opposite. And I was barely 20 at the time, (or I was 19? i'm 21 now and married 2 years) most kids still rely on their parents at that age.

But I have no work experience (I wasn't allowed to get a job in high school or the first year of university, then by the time I could decide for myself it was a big recession, plus I'm kinda disabled so I can't drive or work outside among other things, and now i'm a foreigner with non-fluent Swedish, and all that really works against you). So now it's been two years of living at my wife's parents' place, wishing I had a job.... she doesn't have a job either since she has bad social phobia which is just made worse 'cause her parents are weird and make life super stressful for all of us... sigh. So then I escape by watching tv shows and doing online stuff.

Sorry for the ramble, it's noon here but I "haven't slept a wink" as they say. Lately I have trouble sleeping. Anddd I really need to get more icons but what can you do.

Edited at 2014-06-18 10:24 am (UTC)

Woohoo! Congratulations, babe! *twirls you*

TYK, bb! *is happily twirled*

Congratulations on your Fanniversary - here's to many more!

(Deleted comment)

And even my fannish name is along for the ride ! *g*

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