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Canada Day 2014
dS other fandoms jealous

Happy Canada Day...the day after.

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so... how do you celebrate canada day?

Well, this year it's the kick-off for the C6D Midsummer Snippet-Fest that I'm co-modding. Details here : http://ds-snippets.livejournal.com/361339.html

well i know you're seeing this, come help me out lol. i've never done a round-robin on the internet before.


You're doing fine in the round robin. In fact, I've already continued below your contribution.

*nervous nervous nervous*

it's fun though! wish we had more people so it went super-fast, then i could go to sleep and wake up to some hilarious story.

I think that a number of dSC6D fen are so deep into writing for next month's dSC6D Big Bang deadline that they aren't participating much (or at all) in the Snippet-Fest. I'm writing for the Big Bang but I also felt strongly about maintaining the Midsummer fandom tradition in some form.

I haven't been able to write long fics for years... either way, right now I'm getting so many plot bunnies it's ridiculous, like today while I was eating I was just mulling over "what if it was an AU where Fraser and his dad worked at the circus and he used his circus skills to fight crime" /smacks self

"and they had stuff like Fraser would have a choir of wolves that howled some kind of song, for a circus act - and he was really good at handling all the animals too"

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*gives lots of carrots to your bunnehs*

That circus AU! Another brill one from you! (I've seen dS fic that's "undercover at the circus' but have not seen a circus AU.)

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