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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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OMG August! Fandom to the Max!
Taming the Muse
August! One week 'til I go to VividCon! Two weeks 'til I go to RCW139 Con! Three weeks 'til deadline for dSC6D Big Bang! *flails, bounces, runs in circles, collapses*

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That sounds like a busy fandom schedule for August for you. For me it is just

YAY! Bundesliga season starts! :D

And I'll probably only go to one match and watch the rest on tv.

Hey, roadrunner1896 what timing, you here today...less than an hour ago I was reading Out of Time by akamine_chan and noted it was a birthday fic for you and wondered how you're doing! (So, other than German football, how are you doing?)

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Heee. I can have good timing if I try. OK, maybe it was just purely coincidence.

I need to re-read that fic. And several other DS fics.

I am ok. Not dealing well with heat and since we have a four week heat wave going on here and most houses have no air conditioning, I am basically useless mush right now.

And still somewhat busy IRL, but I try to put more time aside for LJ/DW again. Which works ok so far, I think.

And I have no clue how I am footballwise either. My team got so many new players and sold so many old ones, I have no feeling for how well staffed they are. So I am a bit nervous, especially since a lot of young players and players from foreign countries were hired that I do not know yet. It makes me nervous. Don't want to play against relegation all season again. Which I am sure is what you were interested in. ;)

What you wrote about Not dealing well with heat and since we have a four week heat wave going on here and most houses have no air conditioning, I am basically useless mush right now is that in Germany? I have been getting reports like that from bghost and she is in England.

Yes, it is in Germany, but if Europe is hit by a heat wave, most of Europe usually is. We are a small continent. From me to London it is only an 9 hour train ride or a 2 hour flight.

Usually is hotter here in summer than in England (colder in winter to even things out ;p), because England is surrounded by the sea. Today it is predicted to be 24C in London and 29C here where I am. Everything over 25 (77F, is the only one I remember right now ;p) is not doing my body any good. Everything over 30 and I am useless.


Here's a "cooling-off" icon. *points to icon*

When I was in England last year in July and August, there was a record-breaking heat wave. This year I'm going in October-November. (There's also the allure of the Norwich Beer Festival at that time.)

Thank you. :D

July and August are always bad choices here if you are not too much of a heat fan. Beer Festivals are always good choices, though. So I guess you are making a lot of things right this time. :D

(Deleted comment)

So, August is still open for you then, good to know. *g*

Heh, there you go, "striking while the irony is hot"....

I love Dessa, I cannot lie. Which is funny as I'm not normally a fan of rap related stuff.

Oh yeah, "china doll in the bullpen"...now you've got me thinking about Frannie Vecchio!

A lot of her songs give me fic ideas. Prettier in Pieces (from Seamstress) became the title of a tiny Luther (Alice/Luther) story I wrote.

Woohoo Vividcon in FIVE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

(Deleted comment)
No, you didn't miss it. The call for complementary works doesn't go out until after the deadline for the rough draft of primary works...this is to protect complementary-works creators from signing up for something that doesn't make the deadline.

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