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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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Canadian Mounties vs Atomic Invaders
dS other fandoms jealous
I want to write about All The Things from VividCon two weeks ago and RCW 139 Con last week...but I don't have the spoons for all that writing just now. In the meantime, here is perhaps the start of the "Canadians Confront Atomic Weaponry" trope that latterly appears in such places as due South and Buried on Sunday.

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(Deleted comment)
TYK! Both cons were awesome (but now I have a double dose of con drop *sigh*).

Didn't know this was a genre! Sub-genre of the cold war era?

ETA: you should link this in the ds_noticeboard. It is IMPORTANT! :)

Edited at 2014-08-22 04:01 pm (UTC)

Hmmm...I don't see that the tagging on the noticeboard has a tag that would fit this.

Nice pic!

Now is there one of "Canadian Mounties vs. Aliens from Outer Space"? ; D

Hmmm...can we connect that with RayK having been abducted by aliens when he was a child? (It's canon.)

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