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due South Seekrit Santa signups open!

Registration is officially open for the 2014 due South Seekrit Santa!

Welcome to due South Seekrit Santa 2014! Signups are opening now, so grab your due South love and get ready to figure out what you can offer and what you'd like to request.

This gift exchange is being run through the Archive Of Our Own, so please read all the rules and the FAQ, which will explain how to register. If anything is unclear, please email dsss dot admin at gmail dot com.

If you don't have an account at AO3, please email dsss dot admin at gmail dot com for an invite.

The deadline for registration is Monday 6 Oct 2014 11:59PM CDT! Mods will post a signup reminder or two, and then again 24 hours before the deadline. Once the deadline passes, registration will be closed and late registrations will not be accepted.

In the interest of simplicity, all deadlines are per US Central Time, aka Chicago Time.

For more details, go to dSSS discussion

Please feel free to repost this information far and wide!
Tags: community pimping, dsss
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