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dS other fandoms jealous


there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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Muskrat Jamboree 2015
Muskrat Crossing
Registered! I can haz muskrats!

And TYK to shayheyred for this muskrat icon!

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(I did the dS panel at last year's MJ. If you might want to offer a dS panel together, LMK.)

I could be interested in that, in theory. The one thing is, I'm likely to be stressed out of my mind by that time of year -- how much preparation would it be likely to entail?

"Interested, in theory" is all that I needed to know for now. Panels don't necessarily require a lot of prep. What I'm really looking for in a co-mod is someone to brainstorm with me to come up with a panel theme and who will be physically present for the panel session.

I could handle that. :)

Though one thing I thought sounded good about your panel last time 'round was that you had an older-to-the-fandom mod and a newer-to-the-fandom mod. If you and I pair up, we might want to also see if we could rope in someone who's been around longer, just to represent a different perspective.

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