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fangirling in England
Generic Mountie
Ten hours 'til I leave for England! Three weeks of fangirling IRL with my due South soulmate bghost!

(Note flist : my Internet access will be spotty or nonexistent for about the next three days.)

*scampers off to pack*

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(Deleted comment)
Ag! Wag! If only you could join us, then our fango would be complete.

However... the BB is out of the way (we hope you enjoy) and a certain golem fic might be about to stir....

Have a safe trip and enjoy England! :D

Welcome to our side of the Atlantic, and have fun! ^_^ Meeting other fans live is absolutely wonderful :)

TYK for the welcome! (I'll be in County Norfolk.)

I hope you have wonderful time.

Snog the motherland for me, go on, you know she likes it!

Have a safe and wonderful trip, petal and don't drink any beer I wouldn't drink... :D

*adores your icon*

I am soooo going to drink All The Beer! I'm going to the 37th Annual Norwich Beer Festival!

I got to see a new Banksy in situ while I was home in the summer. I was thrilled. \o/

\\\0/// Flails! Bounces!

Come on, come on, come on! Be tomorrow already!!!

(Deleted comment)
Ah!!! I am so full of squee and impatience that I just cannot sleep. At this rate I will be jet lagged too. Not a bad thing, necessarily... But Lord... six hours and twenty minutes I will be on a taxi to the airport. Squeee!

"You will feel jetlagged too." We are such a duet. *g*

Have fun, post plenty of pictures! :D :D:D

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