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there's four directions on the map

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C6D'ers : Happy Victoria Day!
RCW 139
For those celebrating Canada's holiday of Victoria Day, happy holidaying! (This is NOT to be confused with Victoria Metcalf!)

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(This is NOT to be confused with Victoria Metcalf!)

LOL that gave me a chuckle!

*chuckles back*

And your userpic reminds me to ask you about that crossover fic you mentioned to me a while back. What's the current status?

I'm still mulling it over but I am involved in writing Craving Coffee right now and so long as that is in the works I really can't get anything else done. Thinking about it though, which is my usual process.

Oh, I totes know what THAT is like, mulling over plot bunnies for some other fics while deep into actually writing yet ANOTHER one. Not only "been there, done that," but also "am there, doing that"!

You have my utter sympathy.

Just to let you know I found some Flashpoint crossovers at AO3 including the one I remembered with Billy Tallent, a short story in a bank.

To what does Victoria day refer? Is it the queen?

It celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday, and is always observed on the Monday preceding May 25.

Ah, thanks for the info. Even the English don't celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday!

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