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there's four directions on the map

but you're only going one way

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more OTW info (TYK raine)
Fraser OTW
(For those who didn't see this helpful info from [personal profile] raine in the comments:)

The full list of the OTW's social networking accounts is here: http://transformativeworks.org/about/where-find-us
and the short answer to the question about DW is http://otw-news.dreamwidth.org/

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ok... never heard of OTW... haven't activated the DW account yet...

LJ is my home base; my DW is a mirror account. OTW -- The Organization for Transformative Works -- is the organization behind an awesome fanworks archive called AO3 Archive of Our Own, Have you heard of that archive?

Yeah! Do a lot of reading there sometimes. I'm getting familiar with some of these now but had no idea of OTW. I haven't activated my DW account yet. I've GOT to do an Excel chart of these accounts I've got; I can't remember passwords to many of them! I like AO3, Teaspoon and FanFic. Sometimes when I'm bored with beading, I'll read thru one of them, but I'm getting into that phase now to bead like a bandit. (Projects to finish for sale)

Hmmm...I don't know about Teaspoon. Tell me about it.

Your beading, is any of it fannish?

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